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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. We offer a fast turnaround time: standard service is 10 working days, 25% rush is 7 working days and 50% rush service is 5 working days.

Q. Does J&D Albums offer design services?
Yes, our design team specialists can create a magazine style design from start to finish saving you valuable time. We offer two levels of design; basic - with one time minor changes for approval and deluxe design - which gives you total contral over any changes you desire.

Q. Can I send you files to print my albums?
A. Yes, with our professional lab services, we can set up traditional FTP directories for you to upload files directly to our FTP site. Please contact us at info@jdalbums.com to create a FTP directory for you. FTP is the easiest way to transfer files between your PC and remote computers. You can move files from your PC to your FTP directories using simple drag-and-drop techniques. There is no limitation to file sizes and the contents of your FTP directories are secured by your own username and password.

Q. Why aren’t your prices posted on your website?
A. J&D Albums only sells to professional photographers, so pricing is not available to the public. For those who qualify, we are happy to provide pricing information upon verification.

Q. Can you send me sample albums?
A. Absolutely! J&D Albums offers two choices: for $75 we can send you a pre-made sample album that shows our various options, such as folded or split pages, paper surfaces and page thickness or you can use your own wedding and receive 50% off the cost with “studio sample” imprinted inside the cover.

Q. Are the photos coated to protect the prints?
We coat each print prior to mounting. We include a UV lacquer coating for scratch and moisture protection.

Q. Are order forms available online?
Yes, they are on the Forms page, under Ordering Info on the menu.

Q. How much room should I allow for trimming when designing my album?
Please design for the album size i.e. a 10x10" albums would have 10x20" spreads. Your design needs to leave ¾” breathing room around the edges with a full bleed background image or plain background so that a small amount of trimming will not affect the designed page. The recommended "breathing room" does not represent the actual area that will be trimmed, but allows room for trimming as well as using the design for smaller sizes.

Q. What type of prints does J&D Albums accept?
In submitting your own prints we recommend lustre or metallic lab produced prints or archival ink jet prints.

Q. Do you have the option of textured prints?
Yes, we offer a linen texture which helps in copyright protection of the finished album.

Q. Can you ship directly to my customer?
Yes, we would be happy to ship your order directly to your customer. Simply fill in their address in the drop ship line on the order form.

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