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How to Design

Decide who is going to design your album. We design wedding albums using the design style known as magazine or storybook style. We currently use Dg Foto Art as our digital album layout tool if we design the album for you. This stand alone software is available through J&D Albums. For more information on Dg Foto Art, click here.

Organize your photos. Create several folders titled with different stages of the event. Your folders may look something like this:

Arrival          Reception
Dressing       First Dance
Church         Cutting the Cake
Ceremony    Toast
Formals        Departure

You should have a good balance of photos in each folder. If you are allowing the couple to choose, you should explain the concept and coach them accordingly. There should also be a folder for background images. These could include close ups of the stained glass windows, the bodice, the bouquet, the table settings, or anything else which identifies the event. These background images become optional design components as opposed to the chosen images which should all be included in the layouts.

Depending on the layouts, choose about 4 or 5 images per spread. This allows for single panoramic prints and more dense collages. An album with 16 spreads would take about 70 images. Keep in mind that the more images you include, the busier your layouts will be. If you are designing panoramic spreads, keep the center line in mind as in your finished book there will be a crease or a split in the middle where the book closes and you wouldn't that to fall in the middle of someone's face.

If you design and send us the layouts, we prefer the files in .psd (photoshop) or .jpg. Also, if you are designing your own layouts please set your guides to .75 inch all around. This does not mean that much will be trimmed, but allows rooms for both a small amount of trimming and using the design for smaller sizes.

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